Uttarakhand Rain Alert 2018 : A natural tragedy/Man Made Disaster

rain alert 2018 uttarakhand

Editorial: Uttrakhand rain alert 2018 is not fruitful for many farmers as well as common people. Due to Uttarakhand rain alert 2018 People are strangled in the hours long traffic jam, looking for safety everywhere. Some accidental incidents have been witnessed in and around the state so far. According Uttarakhand disaster report the border area district Pithouragarh has seen worse this year.

More than 11 people have been died due to flood situations. More than 100 people have been died in the road accidents this year, in the hills of Uttarakhand. Chardham root has been blocked a number of times resembling failure of implementation of any plans. People en-routing char dham were disturbed in the summer but due to non completion of decisive project on time in causing too many woes to masses.

Uttarakhand rain is not the replica of 2013. It is even worse, we have challenged the nature by exploiting it to a maximum level. A heavy amount of greenery has been damaged in the name of development this year. The Hill’s of Uttarakhand were always landslide prone. Without proper backup to the rainy season cutting of the mountains besides roads has been done in a extreme level. This result in land slide and even stone rain in the chardham root. Rishikesh to chamba root NH94 has been badly damaged and the root have been diverted from Mussoorie to avoid losses.Same scenario is there with NH58 which has been blocked several time.

Dehradun has also faced worse this years people living in lower area has been affected very badly.4 members of A family from Seemadwar has died yesterday. Rispana has caused damages, Drainage system of Uttarakhand’s Capital has been exploited. Encroachment has been there and being vanished by the officials but these needed to be done earlier.

Uttarakhand rain 2018 can be more worse as per the reports from weather forecast. People of Uttrakhand need to be patient and avoid travel in high risk areas as far as possible. This year’s rain is a mixture of natural tragedy as well as man made disasters. So many if and buts to think about….

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