SWC final 2018: France to fight Croatia on Sunday

SWC Final 2018

SWC Final 2018 : Croatia – Smallest Nation to Enter

SWC Final 2018 will be played between France and Croatia . Croatia have won the semifinal to fight SWC final 2018 Against France. It was not a fight that looked one sided, People were watching every minute of it all around the globe. England’s young team played beautifully but at last it was Croatia to make History. England has played beautifully throughout the tournament and they played very well in the Semi’s as well. It was Croatia’s day to emerge as first smallest finalist in the 68 years of history of Soccer world cup 2018.
Croatia – a country of just four million people – who have played beautifully 3 years after independence war, in 1998 have faced the semi-finals with France. Nearly after two decades it succeeded to enter into finals.

Moscow witnessed the wild celebration of Croatia, while in Zagreb tens of thousands of fans poured onto the streets and squares, singing and waving red-white-and-blue flags.However England’s team has dominated more than a hour in the match and young team have won many admirers in Russia.

France Vs Croatia SWC Final 2018

In its Heroic clash of 1998 France has defeated Croatia with 2-1. Croatia was very young team that time experience was not that much. It has raised its bar that time and won lots of hearts. The road to the SWC final 2018 was not that easy for Croatia, as they have played in extra time in 3rd consecutive match.

France has qualified earlier for finals and hence get one day extra time to rest. France has a strong defense line in this tournament and they have played very well so far. Although both the nation are there to win, the task will not be easy for either of them.

Russia will be witnessing a match of stamina and strength on a highest thrill on Sunday. We are looking forward for this thrill wishing the best for both of the teams.

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