who is pappu in india ? annoying question in Indian politics.

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who is pappu in india ?

When some one ask a question that “who is pappu in india?” Then This has been become a famous and most annoying question “who is pappu” for congress party in Indian politics. Who is pappu – Political party like  BJP always project Rahul Gandhi as a pappu character in public. As well as Congress project Rahul Gandhi as young leader who is 40+. and now for PM india But His comments, Public speeches and behavior never was a mature politician.

We search google and try to found few public reply in quora platform

It was a famous advertisement line of Abhitab Bachchan. ‘पप्पू पास हो गया’ . In it AB was seen distributing sweets telling Pappu cleared some exam. Then as a punch Pappu came on screen. An elderly fellow who has passed just 12th exam, that after many attempts. As that time Congreess was projecting Rahul Gandhi as young leader who was 40+. His comments, Public speaches and behaviour were not of a mature politician. It was rather similar to the character of Pappu in ABs advertisment.Public picked it. There after he got nickname Puppu which unfortunately he has failed to discard even now when he is near 50.

Have no intention to either disrespect Mr Rahul Gandhi, nor I support that he should be called with the name “pappu, His real name sounds much better and popular From the knowledge perspective – if you would like to know who can be called as a pappu, either listen or read the lyrics of the song “pappu can’t dance saala” from the bollywood movie “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” (2008)

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